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The AStA FH is your representation of interests. 
Your concerns provide the basis for our work!

Who is the AStA (General Students' Committee)?


Our mission is to represent your interests towards the university and to enforce them with personal commitment. The AStA (General Student Committee) of the FH Münster is the executive body of student self-administration and works across departments and institutes. It is a collegial body, which means that it is composed of the chair and the representatives and passes resolutions jointly.


Your representation of interests

We advocate for you and are in dialogue with university committees.

free legal and social counselling

We offer legal and social counselling free of charge to support you and inform you about your rights.

We organise political education

We offer you opportunities to inform and educate yourself beyond the content of your studies. In order to make current political and social discourses accessible, we prepare events concerning the contents of our units and support external initiatives in their educational work.

We keep you in the loop

We inform you about political & social activities, events and topics around your studies and about the possibilities of participation to actively shape your environment.

Your Semester Ticket

We will take care of your semester ticket and answer any related queries you may have.


May we help you with anything?

Due to the ongoing network disruptions, appointments are currently only available by prior phone arrangement!

The AStA office is regulary staffed:

Mo-Thu: 10am - 4pm | Fri: 10am - 2pm

Appointments for certifications or the like may only be granted by prior arrangement by phone.