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Who can I turn to if I encounter difficulties in my studies? Who may help me with legal issues? Where can I seek support if I face difficult circumstances? A compilation of useful phone numbers and contact points. 

Counselling Provided by the AStA

Social Counselling Service

Due to the summer break, the social counselling service will be temporarily closed from 22 August to 4 September 2022!!!


The AStA offers free social counselling in Münster and Steinfurt. The Social Counselling Service is open to anyone who seeks advice on social issues and is a registered student at the FH Münster.

The social counselling is free of charge and offers help with matters such as BAföG, studying with a child, health insurance, financing your studies, job and social insurance, or other issues. You may also turn to our counsellor Martina Hamann (Graduate Social Worker) in confidence if you are encountering difficult situations or problems.

Mo & Tue 10 am - 4 pm
Thu 10 am - 4 pm & Fri 10 am - 2 pm by phone only

AStA counselling room (room no. 026)
Johann-Krane-Weg 23
48149 Münster

+49 (0) 251 – 83 64 977


Wednesday 10 am - 4 pm

Counselling room in the canteen annexe
Stegerwaldstr. 39
48565 Steinfurt

+49 (0) 251 – 83 64 977

Legal Counselling

Due to the summer break, the counselling service is currently only available by phone!


For legal concerns and queries, the AStA has a service free of charge. The lawyer Karin Piene can advise you competently on questions regarding tenancy law, social law, contract law and the like.

Mo 12 pm - 2 pm

+49 (0) 251 – 83 64 998

Please send your documents to in preparation for the counselling appointment. However, counselling exclusively by email cannot be provided.

AStA counselling room ( room no. 026)
Johann-Krane-Weg 23
48149 Münster



Student Financing

The AStA offers social loans as part of its social counselling service. Due to the increased cost of living, the financial pressure on students has increased considerably in recent years. In order to counter financial hardship and to provide those affected with the means to find sustainable arrangements, students may apply for an interest-free social loan from the AStA.

On top of that, the AStA may also recommend an emergency scholarship from the university's 'Quality in Studies and Teaching' foundation. In addition to these emergency scholarships, the foundation awards merit scholarships that are worth applying for.

A social loan and a recommendation for an emergency scholarship requires social counselling by the AStA. The counselling will clarify the specific award criteria and requirements and, if necessary, indicate other options for aid and approaches.

Counselling at the FH Münster

Service Office for Students (SOS)

Contact point for all organisational questions regarding your studies (enrolment, re-registration, ...)

Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB)

Workshops, tips, advice on all aspects of your studies (study design, choice of subject, time management, stress management, ...)

International Office

Advice and informationen for international students, as well as for a semester abroad

Central Equal Opportunities Officer (Iklime Düx M.A.)

Promoting equal opportunities for all genders.

Study'n'Health - Study Healthy

Healthy study design for students

Complaints Commission

Contact point for complaints and proposals that reveal significant deficiencies in the quality of teaching and study organisation.

Counselling, mediation and coaching outpatient clinic at the FH Münster (

The range of topics is complex and extends from personal development to dealing with conflicts.

The General Students' Committee (AStA)

Contact point for students on all study-related matters

Social and legal counselling of the AStA

Advice on social (e.g. BAföG, studying with a child, ...) or legal (e.g. tenancy law, social law, ...) issues

Representation of the interests of student assistants

The representation of the interests of student assistants (SHK representation) provides confidential advice, resolves any legal issues and actively supports all SHKs (student assistants), tutors and WHKs (academic assistants) at the FH Münster in enforcing labour law claims or providing support in the event of workplace related issues.

External Counselling

Nightline Münster

Phone helpline by students for students

Telefonseelsorge Münster (telephone counselling)

Phone, chat and mail counselling for emergencies and crises. 

LGBTI* youth group Massar

Massar is an inclusive group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people with a migration and/or refugee background. A safe space to meet and network.

Track Münster

LGBTI* Youth Centre and Counselling Centre in Münster

Specialist Centre for Sexuality and Health - Aidshilfe Münster e.V.

Counselling on all matters relating to HIV and AIDS and sexual health. With services for rainbow families and queer refugees.

pro familia Münster

Aid, counselling, accompaniment, therapy, classes, information for families, couples, groups and individuals in unusual life situations. The main topics are sexuality, gender, reproductive rights, health and pregnancy.


Counselling service for people who have suffered sexualised violence.

Women's emergency line

Counselling and support for women and girls that have been victims of sexualised violence, experience sexualised violence first hand or may fear it.

Crisis support

Help with crises and suicidal thoughts.

Marriage, Family and Life Counselling (EFL) of the Diocese of Münster

Open to everybody encountering challenges in personal, partnership and family matters, regardless of marital status, nationality, religious affiliation and sexual orientation.

Counselling service Südviertel

Counselling Service for children, adolescents and adults.