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Student Support Groups

Being alone with your own problems can be painful at times. Sharing your thoughts can be helpful and a valuable source of strength.

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Since May 2021, there are student support groups at the FH Münster covering the topics listed below:

This support group is available for those of you who are feeling alone - regardless of whether you are surrounded by others or not. You may feel that your family and friends are not providing the support you seek, or you may just feel very lonely. This support group will help you connect with other students who are experiencing the same challenges and provides a platform for you to share your experiences and support each other.

Many of us do not feel comfortable in our bodies. This is no surprise given all the media influences that portray us as seemingly perfectly optimised beings. In this support group we provide a forum for you to share how you cope with these burdens, talk about the difficulties you experience regarding your eating patterns and the approaches you and others have found to be useful.

Always 'tomorrow' and yet never doing it - after all, you still have the next semester to do it, right? Extending one's studies is by no means a bad decision. Even an occasional last-minute submission is for many simply a part of studying. However, in some cases it goes a little too far and you suffer from your own lethargy. This support group aims at those experiencing the lack of motivation in their studies as a straining challenge. It provides a space to share your thoughts and to explore useful coping mechanisms together.

Those who have a physical impairment are often overlooked: Stairways, for instance, are designed for people who have no difficulty climbing them, and public toilets may be difficult to access. In particular, people with ‘invisible’ impairments receive little support on many occasions. More often than not, if the impairment is visible, the person is subjected to social stigmas. Living with a physical impairment can be hard. This support group provides a platform for those of you wishing to share your experiences with students who have had similar challenges.