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Language Courses

The language courses will take place online due to COVID-19 measures. The new AStA language courses will be run jointly with Inlingua. As soon as seven students register for a language, the course may be held. A maximum of 15 students can take part in a course, held by certified lecturers.
A certificate is issued upon successful participation.

The Following Languages are Offered:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Dutch
  • Norwegian
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Each course consists of 30 lessons (45 minutes each), in 15 sessions of 90 minutes twice a week, and costs a maximum of €170.72. The price is staggered according to the number of participants, therefore a cancellation after registration is not accepted. After the registration deadline, you will receive an invoice from the language school via Paypal, which must be paid within 10 days (also possible without a Paypal account).


Participants          Price in EUR

7                               170.72

8                               150.00

9                               133.89

10                              121.00

11                              110.46

12                              101.67

13                               94.24

14                               87.86

15                               82.34


You have the option of applying for partial reimbursement of the costs of your language course (except German courses) via the International Office of the FH Münster one month prior to the start of the course. Please find all information and necessary documents here.

Due to the staggered rates, it is no longer possible to withdraw from the course after the registration deadline and you are obliged to pay the course fee in full. If you cannot attend in person, you can nominate a substitute student.

The courses take place twice a week. Registration deadline is: 10 April 2022


The courses start on 10 May 2022 and are completed at the end of June or beginning of July, depending on the language.

The learning material is already included in the price for the courses in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian of each level.


For the other language courses, the cost of the teaching material is between 25-30 €.

If you are studying at a university other than the FH Münster, you can still apply under the above-mentioned terms and conditions. Please note that in case of a limited number of places, students of the FH Münster will be given priority.

If the course starts before your exmatriculation, participation is permitted without restriction. After that date, we reserve the right to refuse your participation or to put you on a waiting list. Matriculated students are given priority.

Please check all information, dates, times and days of the week before registering for the course.


Registration for the summer semester 2022 is possible as of now until 10 April 2021. Please provide your FH email address when registering.

Please find the registration and the conditions here:

Semester Ticket

The pre-study certificate allows first-semester students to use buses and trains free of charge in Münsterland (or the VGM/VRL fare zone) for one month before the start of their first semester.  It is only valid with a semester ticket and photo ID.


This regulation was agreed by all transport providers of the VGM-VRL and serves as a jump start for pre-courses and orientation for first semester students.

pre-study certificate 

First of all, you have to transfer the complete semester fee for enrolment or re-registration. The PDF file with the semester ticket is available online via the myFH portal from one month before the start of the semester (i.e. from 1 August or 1 February). This PDF document can be printed out or simply downloaded onto your PC, smartphone or tablet.


A detailed description with images and instructions on how to get your ticket can be found on the DVZ website.

As always, the semester ticket is only valid with a photo ID. It is not necessary to carry the FH Card though.

The ticket is valid for one semester.


However, you may already print out or save the ticket one month prior to the start of the semester (i.e. from 1 August or 1 February).

The semester ticket is valid on all public transport that operates for transport associations or communities within North Rhine-Westphalia and on all buses and trains in the Osnabrück city area.

To put it plainly: You are entitled to use all buses, trams, suburban trains, underground trains and monorails as well as regional trains (RE, RB) in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and Osnabrück, as long as they use a North Rhine-Westphalian transport association or community tariff. This means that trains subject to surcharges such as IC, ICE, EC, Thalys are not permitted.

Unfortunately, the semester ticket is also not valid on some night buses, e.g. in the Bielefeld area, because these do not belong to the community tariff but are "special buses". (If you have any problems in this regard, please feel free to contact us in the office).

In addition, it is possible to use the semester ticket of Münster University of Applied Sciences to travel on certain rail routes that are not in NRW:

Münster – Osnabrück
Gronau – Enschede
Rheine – Lingen (not, however, from Rheine to Bad Bentheim)
Lügde – Hameln
Vlotho – Hameln
Ibbenbüren-Laggenbeck – Bünde (Westf.)
Lengerich (Westf ) – Osnabrück Hbf
Osnabrück Hbf – Halen (at Lotte)
Westbarthausen – Osnabrück Hbf
Au (Sieg) – Niederschelden Nord
Betzdorf (Sieg) – Struthütten

The area of validity of the NRW-Ticket as an overview map:

You can print out your ticket at home and/or save it on your smartphone or a similar device. When being screened on buses and trains, simply show your mobile device or the ticket printout. Please note that you must always carry a valid photo ID with you to verify that the ticket is yours.


On buses in the cities of Münster and Hamm, as well as in the districts of Steinfurt, Warendorf, Coesfeld and Borken, you may bring one additional person and one bicycle ( plus the bicycle of the person travelling with you) free of charge on weekdays (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri) from 7 pm, and all day on weekends (Sat, Sun) and public holidays.

On regional trains (RE, RB) on the following routes, you may take one additional person and one bicycle ( plus the bicycle of the person you are travelling with) free of charge on weekdays (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri) from 7 pm, and all day on weekends (Sat, Sun) and public holidays:

Münster - Gronau - Enschede
Münster - Rheda-Wiedenbrück
Münster - Coesfeld
Münster - Dortmund Hbf.
Münster - Osnabrück Hbf.
Münster - Rheine - Lingen (Ems)
Münster - Hamm - Schwerte (Ruhr)
Münster - Recklinghausen Hbf.
Coesfeld - Reken
Dortmund Hbf. - Hamm
Dortmund Hbf. - Gronau - Enschede
Hamm - Bielefeld
Hamm - Paderborn Hbf.
Holzwickede - Soest
Rheine - Osnabrück Hbf.
Schwerte (Ruhr) - Ergste
Schwerte (Ruhr) - Wickede (Ruhr)
Unna - Fröndenberg
Unna - Massen

In addition, in the cities and districts mentioned, you are allowed to take three children (6-14 years old) on buses and trains free of charge all day.
Regardless of the Semesterticket regulations, children under the age of 6 are allowed to travel free of charge as a general rule.

Moreover, the ticket is non-transferable, meaning that only you are permitted to travel with your ticket and bring other people with you.

The night bus surcharge, which you do not have to pay on buses in the VGM/VRL tariff zone (city of Münster, city of Hamm, district of Steinfurt, district of Coesfeld, district of Warendorf and district of Borken), is also waived for the persons or children accompanying you. In other cities or districts you will have to pay a night bus surcharge, if it is levied.



Important: In some districts and cities outside of Münsterland, the semester ticket may not be valid on the night bus, for example in Bielefeld. That is because the night buses are not part of the so-called community tariff, but are a type of "special bus". Here you have to pay the full fare. If you have any trouble with this, feel free to contact us in the office.

If you do not have your semester ticket on you, neither digitally nor printed out, and you are being checked, you should present your ticket and the payment request to the transport company (train or bus company) at the earliest possible time. You will then only have to pay a handling fee (approx. €8). This is considerably cheaper than the €60 fee for travelling with no ticket at all.


Unfortunately, there's not much we can do about that...

The semester ticket is financed by a community of solidarity of all students. If one or more students were to leave the community of solidarity, the semester ticket would be unfinanceable and therefore would no longer be available.

However, there are limited reasons for when the cost of the Semesterticket is reimbursed. Simply not wanting to use the semester ticket is unfortunately not a valid reason.

Now and then, there are students who dislike the semester ticket and would like to refuse to pay for it. To do so, you need to know the following:

The Federal Administrative Court ruled on 12 May 1999 (BVerwG 6 C 14.98 and 6 C 10.98) that a student body constituted as a public entity with compulsory membership has the competence to introduce a semester ticket by voting in a ballot. Constitutional complaints against these rulings were not accepted for decision by the Federal Constitutional Court (BVerfG, 1 BvR 1510/99 and 1 BvR 1410/99 ( Given the 'education-related financial hardship' of the students and the high commuting costs, the semester ticket serves to improve the social situation of the students. The effectiveness of the semester ticket was to be measured by the benefits for the entire student body. The compulsory contribution of all students made a decisive impact on the extent to which the discount was achieved. The Federal Constitutional Court explicitly acknowledged that 'the improvement of the environmental conditions, the easing of the parking situation and the possibility to use the ticket for leisure purposes in principle benefit all students'.

You may be reimbursed for the semester ticket fee if you submit a complete application in time and submit proof of the relevant reasons (see below). To do so, click on the button 'reimburse now' and enclose the required proof. The deadline is 14 April in the summer semester and 15 October in the winter semester!


reimburse now


Grounds for reimbursement:

For reimbursement, one of the following matters must apply:

Students are exempt from paying the semester ticket fee if they are demonstrably outside the area of validity of the local semester ticket for more than four months during the current semester as part of their studies (due to an internship or semester abroad, the like). An absence for purely personal reasons is unfortunately not a sufficient reason. Students pursuing an online course of study or a franchise course of study are also exempt due to absence.

Also exempt from paying the ticket fee are students who are in possession of a valid severely disabled ID and are transported free of charge on local public transport with a token in accordance with § 145 SGB IX.

Students who prove to the AStA no later than 45 days after the start of the semester that they are on leave of absence for the current semester for any reason or have been exmatriculated may also apply for a refund. In the case of early exmatriculation, the Service Office for Students will reimburse the semester ticket fee along with the other refundable fees.


The deadline for submitting an application for a refund is 45 days after the start of the semester, i.e. by 14 April in the summer semester and by 15 October in the winter semester. All documents must be submitted in full by this date, otherwise the claim will be rejected due to expiry of the deadline. 

A refund after the deadline is unfortunately excluded! A refund with submission of further documents after the deadline is excluded! A refund for reasons other than those listed above is unfortunately also excluded!


Car Sharing

Car Sharing with 'Stadtteilauto'

You're moving to the other side of town and are in need of a van? Your destination is not easy to reach by public transport? You have always wanted to go on a road trip?
Since April 2021, the AStA has been cooperating with the car-sharing provider. At over 60 locations in Münster and 23 cities throughout Germany, all FH students are now able to use car sharing without having to pay the membership fee!

Students at the FH Münster may also benefit from 'CargobikeSharing' with 'Stadtteilauto'. The cargo bikes are available for booking via the app, the website and the booking centre. Please click here for more info.

Car sharing is an important component of sustainable mobility. Not only is it better for the environment than owning your private car, but car sharing is also less expensive and therefore easier on your wallet.

You can read more about this topic here.

Simply fill out the contract online with Stadtteilauto and have your ID card and driving licence activated. Click here to register directly with Stadtteilauto.


Initially, you will not be charged for any running costs. As soon as you are on the road with a 'Stadtteilauto', you will be billed for your journey. The costs consist of a time and a kilometre charge.  The larger the car, the higher the travel costs.

6 am – 12 am€2.40 / hour€2.75 / hour€3.50 / hour€6.00 / hour
6 am – 12 am€0.50 / hour€0.50 / hour€0.50 / hour€6.00 / hour
24 hours€24.00 €27.50 €35.00€60.00
7 days€150.00 €165.00 €195.00€350.00
Per Kilometre€0.25€0.28€0.31€0.35



You have to leave early in the morning for an excursion 20 km outside Münster. You share a Citroen C1 of the Mini class with several fellow students.

5 x €2.40 €12.00 

20 km x €0.25 €5.00
Cost €17.00 

The contract runs until you terminate the contract with Stadtteilauto or until you finish your studies.


In Münster, there are over 60 locations that you can use, e.g. at the FH sites at the Leonardo Campus, the Hüfferstiftung or at the FH in Steinfurt. In addition, you can use all cambio CarSharing vehicles throughout Germany. Please visit for a list of cities where you can use CarSharing with your FH-Card.


When registering, your FH-Card will be activated, which you need to use Stadtteilauto. You will receive a user number and PIN, which you will need for all further steps.
Once you are registered, you will be able to book your CarSharing vehicle at any time on the Stadtteilauto website, via the smartphone app (Android / IOS) or by phone via the booking centre.
You have direct access to the booked vehicle with your FH Card or your mobile phone. Always have your PIN ready.
Before starting your journey, always do a damage check so that you are covered.
Drive carefully and get to your destination safely.


Please find a detailed explanatory video here.

You always find a quick guide in the car's logbook.

On the Stadtteilauto website you may find more information about car sharing. Click here for the most important FAQs.


Additionally, staff can be reached by phone or email:

+49 (0) 251 383230

Mo - Thu: 09:00 am - 5:00 pm
Fri: 09:00 am - 4:00 pm



If you need certified copies of your original documents, you are welcome to visit us. Original documents must be presented at the certification appointment - copies can be made (not required) for 3 cents/DIN A4 copy at the AStA office.

We certify documents for FH members, FH applicants and FH alumni free of charge on site. Unfortunately, we have to charge € 0.50 per signature for students from outside the FH. Non-students please contact your local citizens' registration office.

Please schedule an appointment by calling +49 (0)251-8364991 or +49 (0) 251-8364977!

Bicycle Registration

You may register your bicycle at our office during our office hours (Mon-Thu 10 am - 4 pm, Fri 10 am - 1 pm) and have it marked. Experience has shown that marked bikes are less likely to be stolen.


Please schedule an appointment by calling +49 (0) 251-8364991 or +49 (0) 251-8364977!

University Sports

More than 120 different sporting activities await you for a semester fee of only €1.40. Have you always wanted to try out a slackline, learn massage techniques or get your sweat on at Zumba? Have you ever wondered what Gong-kwon Yusuf is or how to find a cheap yoga course? The FH Münster offers all of these in cooperation with the University of Münster. In addition to the sports courses, there are numerous tournaments and sports tours that you are invited to sign up for. Each course costs an additional course fee, however, this is kept at a low rate for students.

Twice a year, at the beginning of the semester, you may register online. Please check the university sports website shortly before the start of the semester for the exact date:

University Sports in Steinfurt

In between the semesters, additional holiday programmes are offered.

So, what's important in order to participate? Be quick. Seats are often filled within the first few minutes, particularly for highly popular sports. You also need to register separately for each course. If you missed out on your favourite course, you may still have a shot by joining the waiting list. Students often drop out at short notice.