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This Is Study'n'Health

study'n'health is the Student Health Management (SGM) for the student body at the FH Münster. At our university, SGM is a collaborative project of FH Münster and AStA, supported by our health partner, Techniker Krankenkasse.

To put it simply, the objective of this project is to promote a healthy study environment at the FH Münster. In order to achieve this, we are creating a variety of offers and changing structures at the university. The foundation of our efforts is your input! We regularly conduct surveys to seek your feedback.

Current Initiatives

study'n'health has been created for you and your health. That's why we provide and support numerous offers for you. These include, for instance:

In the study’n’health folder in Ilias you will find a variety of links and offers on the topics of financial security, counselling/mental health, spending time together online and exercise.

You will also find other interesting content such as videos, challenges and the exam bingo.

Treat yourself and challenge yourself with our Mental Health Challenge. 31 small challenges are awaiting you here in the study'n'health Ilias folder

The challenge sequence is designed for July 2021. The challenges therefore fit best if you start on a Thursday. However, feel free to start them whenever you have the time. You are free to do the challenges however you like, so swap them, skip them or adapt them to what feels right for you.

Being alone when facing your troubles is sometimes quite painful. Talking about it may be helpful and a valuable source of strength.

In cooperation with Der Paritätische we offer student support groups. For more information check out

We regularly offer workshops and/or seminars to support you and your health. Check here for currently planned events:

Get Involved

In an effort to tailor our activities more closely to your needs, we would like to get you on board - which is why we are currently looking for committed students who would like to contribute their own ideas and/or actively participate in shaping the future of studying at the FH.

You don't want to jump in all the way, though you have some promising ideas? Or maybe you have some feedback?

No matter what - if you would like to chat with us, feel free to contact us at:

The Study'n'Health Team

Our team is highly dynamic - students may join us for short or long periods of time, topic-related or simply supporting us. And we want to keep growing! If you would like to participate, please contact us at


That's us:

Operational And Strategic Management

Hannah Ehlert

is responsible for strategic and operational management.

Pronoun: they/their

The project is also strategically guided by Dr Cona Ehresmann.

[Translate to English:] Michelle Dietrich

Event Planning

Michelle Dietrich

actively supported the project in planning the study'n'health day.

'Digitale Bewegte Pause' (Digital Active Break)


has provided weekly online exercise for regeneration in the home office setting.

'Digitale Bewegte Pause' (Digital Active Break)


stretched and elongated online every week along with everyone who joined.

'Digitale Bewegte Pause' (Digital Active Break)


has perked up tired students every week.

[Translate to English:] Vivian

'Digitale Bewegte Pause' (Digital Active Break)


among other things, offered exercises to strengthen & mobilise the spine for all students.

Questionnaire Conception & Evaluation

Niemah Reuning

actively supported the drafting and evaluation of the student survey for December 2020.

Student Surveys

Please find the results of the current student survey from December 2022 & 2020 here. You have access to the detailed health reports in the study’n’health Ilias folder.