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Acting Student Parliament

The student parliament (short: StuPa) is the highest decision-making body of the student body. It is elected by all students at the FH Münster in November of each year and consists of 17 seats.
The meetings of the student parliament generally take place once a month (not during the summer break) and are open to the public, so that interested parties are given the opportunity to attend. The date and place of the meeting, as well as the respective agenda, will be announced here at least one week before the meeting.


The meeting calendar of the Parliament shows the following scheduled meetings at present:
Mon 29.08.2022 at 4 pm (requested special session)

(The student parliament is in a three-month break due to the summer break).
Wed 05.10.2022
Wed 09.11.2022

(This will be followed by the general elections from 22 November to 24. November 2022).
Thu 08.12.2022 (Constitution of the StuPa 2023)

The AStA Chairman has requested a special meeting of the parliament in accordance with § 2 section 2 of the Rules of Procedure. Due to the holiday period, the President of Parliament has scheduled the meeting for Monday 29 August 2022 at 4 pm. As there is a need for further consultation regarding the date, the date has so far been marked 'anticipated'.
The next meeting of the student parliament will presumably take place on Monday 29 August 2022 at 4 pm. The meeting will be held as a zoom meeting/video conference.
The meetings of the student parliament are generally open to the public. A zoom link for participation may be requested at

Invitation letter 

(Anticipated) Agenda Of The Meeting

The StuPa operates and functions just like a real parliament. The StuPa has budgetary rights and is therefore responsible for setting the student body's budget and controlling its income and expenditure. The budget includes, among other things, the funds for the semester ticket, the salaries and allowances for employees and representatives, the expenses for services and educational offers, and the funds of the student councils.

The student parliament elects a committee that acts as the executive body (government) - this is the " General Students' Committee" (AStA). The election takes place immediately after the previous AStA has been discharged in February of each year. The student parliament first elects the AStA chair and the AStA finance officer and then confirms the appointment of other AStA officers by the AStA chair.

The StuPa monitors the AStA in all its endeavours, as the AStA is obliged to provide the StuPa with information on all matters and must be discharged by the StuPa.

In the 2022 term of office, the AStA is led by a coalition of the List reSTart and List Steinfurt and is chaired by Jan Winkelkotte (reSTart). The election of the AStA 2022 took place on 15.02.2022.

Apart from that, the student parliament decides on major projects and on matters of the student body of greater importance, e.g. the holding of a ballot or changes to the semester ticket contract. If necessary, the StuPa may also amend the student body's regulations, such as the social loan regulations, the election regulations or the contribution regulations.

Elections of the student parliament take place annually and generally on three consecutive days in the penultimate week of November. All students at the FH Münster (except franchise students and visiting students) have the right to run for election.

The election system is a combination of proportional representation and personal election. In other words, the students who run for election usually unite to form different lists in order to collectively represent (political) interests as a group. The electoral law favours groups. One-person lists, i.e. individual candidacies, are permitted as well, although they have a lower probability of being elected to parliament.

Candidacy forms are available for download here on the AStA homepage and are handed out by the student councils as well. Candidacies must be declared in writing to the election administration at the AStA office before a designated deadline at 12 pm (not one second later!).

Precise dates will be announced by the AStA in a timely manner.

Each student (except franchise students and visiting students) will have one vote in the election, which they can cast for one of the candidates on one of the lists.

The allocation of the 17 seats in the StuPa takes place according to the number of votes a list has received as a collective. This means that the sum of all votes of the individual candidates on this list determines the number of seats that this list receives in the StuPa (counting is done according to the D'Hondt maximum number method). The legislative period amounts to 1 year and begins in December after the election and runs until November of the following year.

List NameSeatsMemberFaculty
BauING (Bau)4Ann-Kristin OtteCivil Engineering
  Freya BettermannCivil Engineering
  Oliver PlutaCivil Engineering
  Felix BeckmannCivil Engineering
reSTart - Neustart für die Hochschulpolitik (New start for university policy)5 *Alexander PetrickSocial Work
  Marc WiegandElectrical Engineering & Computer Science
  Jan WinkelkotteChemical Engineering
  Bilal TasdemirInstitute for Technical Business Administration
  Mehyedeen Hneineh (Parlamentspräsident)Mechanical Engineering
Liste Steinfurt (LiST)2 *Paula KubusEnergy - Facilities - Environment
  Oliver MümkenMechanical Engineering
Wirtschaft (WiWi)2Leon LötteEconomy
  Lukas Vincent JohanningmeierEconomy
Campus FHair (CFH)1Benjamin Meyer zum Alten BorglohSocial Work

* Any seats that remain vacant shall be allocated to the linked lists.
As 'reSTart' and 'LiST' were linked for the election, Mehyedeen Hneineh from the list 'reSTart' moves up for the vacant seat from the list 'LiST'.

2022 Legislative Period

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19.01.2022Download PDF 
15.02.2022Download PDF 
23.03.2022Download PDF
20.04.2022Download PDF
25.05.2022Download PDF 
29.06.2022Download PDF


Please find here all meeting minutes from 2016 to 2022.

All Minutes