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Your General Students' Committee (AStA)

We are your representation of interests! By students for students!

Who is the General Students' Committee (AStA)?

The General Students' Committee (AStA) is the body that represents the interests on behalf of all students at FH Münster. It advocates for you at federal level, within the state, in Münster and Steinfurt and on campus. Social justice and democratisation as well as dismantling discrimination are main goals.

The AStA Office

General Students' Committee (AStA) of FH Münster


Johann-Krane-Weg 23
48149 Münster

+49 (0)251 836499-1

Mo-Thu: 10am-4pm | Fri: 10am-2pm

Appointments for certifications or the like may only be granted by prior arrangement over the phone.

The Asta Office

The 'headquarters' of the  General Students' Committee (AStA), the AStA office, moved to Johann-Krane-Weg two years ago. We are now located at Johann-Krane-Weg 23 on the ground floor with our own outer door. The large AStA logo above the glass door shows you that you have come to the right place.
The AStA office is attended by our managing director Winfried Hagenkötter on weekdays. You may reach the student representatives in person at certain times.

The AStA office offers you:

  • free certifications
  • affordable copies
  • assistance with refunds of semester tickets
  • free bicycle registration
  • all information on 'student self-administration'

If you have any questions addressed to individual student representatives, please arrange an appointment with them in advance. Alongside our office we provide a counselling room where we offer social and legal counselling free of charge.


Members of the AStA have so-called units. In other words, each member of the AStA is in charge of a specific mandate. However, this does not imply that each representative is exclusively responsible for their own area of responsibility. Generally speaking, all representatives collaborate on overarching and administrative tasks. Autonomous units are directly elected by the interest group that is to be represented by the respective unit.


Marc Wiegand

Pronouns: he/his

As chair of the AStA, my primary function is to ensure that all representatives in the AStA have adequate conditions to work in their scope of responsibility. Apart from that, I represent the student body externally, may speak on behalf of the AStA and appoint and dismiss representatives. My personal objective is to strengthen student self-administration at the FH Münster. To this end, I would like to facilitate more participation in the committees, provide educational opportunities for all students and foster the representation of the interests of marginalised groups.



Jan Winkelkotte

Pronouns: he/his

Course of Study: computer science

The task of the committee is to ensure adherence to the budget in the AStA in accordance with the legal framework and regulations, as well as monitoring the finances of the individual student councils.

Personal Objective:
Representing all students through my committee in the AStA and acting on their behalf. Assisting the student councils and their respective financers with the drafting of their budgets.

University policy and social affairs

Shaher Aslam

Pronouns: she/her

Course of study: Social work

The committee for Social Policy is in charge of social concerns of the student body at the FH Münster. This is mainly a matter of the conditions we all face while studying. Studying should be accessible to all, irrespective of social status. And, there are factors that hinder a prosperous course of study. Important subjects are, for instance, the funding of studies, namely BAföG, part-time jobs or student assistants, and the housing situation in Münster and its surroundings.
On behalf of the student body, I wish to personally ensure that all of you can pursue your studies without any negative social influences and, by the same token, promote beneficial social influences.

Student Councils

Lennart Koroll

Pronouns: he/his

Course of study: Social work

The primary responsibility of my committee is networking between different interest groups and committees. I maintain contact with the student councils and their chairpersons and serve as a contact person for any concerns and issues on the part of the students. The development and forwarding of vital information plays a significant role in this.
I also preside over and plan the student council conference (FSRK), which is regularly held during the lecture period and is attended by representatives of the student councils.
In general, my department can be seen as a "link" between the AStA and the various committees of the university.
Other tasks include coordinating the introductory greetings for freshmen and the "welcome gifts", which are commonly referred to as " Ersti-Taschen" (freshman bags).

University Policy

Jaroslaw Kesselmann

Pronouns: he/his

Course of study: social work

The committee is primarily concerned with various university policy issues that impact your study environment, the university of applied sciences or education policy at the state and federal level. Other core areas of this committee are the organisation and execution of political campaigns, taking a stand and positioning on political matters that have a bearing on your student interests. Apart from that, I am your contact person for all queries regarding the university committees such as the Senate, the Student Representative Council (FSR) or the Student Parliament (StuPa), as well as all matters that are related to political representation. My personal objective is to advocate for your interests and to campaign for your needs on major issues such as the semester ticket or the prevention of tuition fees. I strongly encourage a culture of fair debate and dialogue, so feel free to reach out to me for criticism or to give your input!


Pia Marlene Feldwisch

Pronouns: she/her

Course od study: social work

In my committee, I work towards promoting sustainability and environmental protection in and around the FH Münster. I perceive the scope for this on two levels. On the one hand, it is a matter of encouraging the university and associated institutions to exercise responsibility for a sustainable organisational culture.
On the other hand, I intend to educate students on a personal level and provide impulses for environmentally friendly behaviour. For this purpose, I organise a variety of event formats, such as lectures or workshops.
Should you have any queries or proposals, please feel free to get in touch with me.


Mehyedeen Hneineh

Pronouns: she/her

Course od studies: Ecotrophology

In my committee, I am concerned with the cultural education of students by creating a variety of projects, events and services. I aim not only to cover the interests of those who are already culturally engaged as broadly as possible, but to inspire students who previously had little connection to the topic of culture to take part in these formats.



Georgie Feldkötter

Pronouns: she/her

Course od study: Social Work

The Equal Opportunities Committee provides support for students who are impaired in their studies due to social, sexual, physical or genderspecific reasons. The objective is to facilitate trouble-free studies for all on a fair and equal footing. My personal endeavour is to connect these communities and offer an exchange among like-minded individuals, as there is no place for discrimination of any kind nowadays and at the FH Münster. I wish to provide those afflicted with all the services that the FH Münster has at its disposal and to offer them assistance in every respect.

International Students

Rayanna Oliveira de Almeida

As the committee for international students, my main objective is to ensure that you feel welcomed, listened to and are made to feel like an invaluable member of the FH Münster. The other committees are likewise at your disposal to provide assistance with any queries or proposals you may have.
A number of events will be hosted where we have the opportunity to connect with other international students who come from all over the world. It is an exciting opportunity to both learn from our similarities and differences. I hope that we will build a network of friends who will support each other and who will remain friends well beyond our studies.

Public Relations

Leonie Brickmann

Project Work

Are you interested in getting involved, or are you interested in a particular topic where you believe your fellow students would benefit from?

If so, consider applying for one of the project positions advertised by the AStA or submit your own proposals. Project positions are limited in time (maximum of five months) and are compensated by an expense allowance. You do not need to be a member of the AStA or the student council - you simply need a topic and an idea on how you would like to realise your project. For the implementation of the project, you receive the full support of the student representatives as well as access to the AStA network (e.g. printing posters, announcements on our homepage,  amongst other things).

For instance, if you would like to organise an event or a series of events on the topic of xy, or if you see a need for action or awareness-raising in certain areas, please feel free to approach us with your ideas and proposals. We will then decide in plenary whether the project position may be implemented. We look forward to your input!

We will keep you informed about advertised project positions by email, on our social media channels and here. There are currently no project positions posted.

Job Openings

From time to time we are looking for new student representatives to fill vacant positions. We will keep you informed about current openings by email, on our social media channels and here, so that you may apply by email.

There are currently no job openings.