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AStA Meetings

The AStA representatives meet once a week for a two-hour plenary session. The meetings of the AStA are generally opened to the public provided that concerns of data protection are not compromised.

Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, this plenary is presently being held online as a Zoom meeting. In order to remain transparent and ensure that students have the means to inform themselves about the latest activities of the AStA, the minutes will be published here.

The minutes will be published the following week. For those interested in attending the Zoom meeting, please do not hesitate to send an email to

No meetings are held on public holidays and during the christmas break. Due to the summer break, meetings are customarily only held every two weeks from 1 July to 31 August.

Minutes 2022

03/01/2022Download PDF
10/01/2022Download PDF
17/01/2022Download PDF
24/01/2022Download PDF
07/02/2022Download PDF
14/02/2022Download PDF
21/02/2022Download PDF
28/02/2022Download PDF
07/03/2022Download PDF
14/03/2022Download PDF
29/03/2022Download PDF
05/04/2022Download PDF
12/04/2022Download PDF
19/04/2022Download PDF
26/04/2022Download PDF
03/05/2022Download PDF
10/05/2022Download PDF
17/05/2022Download PDF
24/05/2022Download PDF
31/05/2022Meeting cancelled
07/06/2022Download PDF
14/06/2022Download PDF
21/06/2022Download PDF
28/06/2022Download PDF
05/07/2022No meeting
12/07/2022Download PDF
19/07/2022No meeting
26/07/2022Download PDF
02/08/2022No meeting
09/08/2022Download PDF
16/08/2022No meeting
23/08/2022Download PDF
30/08/2022No meeting
06/09/2022Download PDF
13/09/2022Download PDF
20/09/2022Download PDF
27/09/2022Download PDF

Minutes 2021

04/01/2021Download PDF
11/01/2021Download PDF
18/01/2021Download PDF
24/01/2021Download PDF
01/02/2021Download PDF
08/02/2021Download PDF
22/02/2021Download PDF
01/03/2021Download PDF
08/03/2021Download PDF
15/03/2021Download PDF
22/03/2021Download PDF
12/04/2021Download PDF
19/04/2021Download PDF
26/04/2021Download PDF
03/05/2021Download PDF
10/05/2021Download PDF
17/05/2021Download PDF
31/05/2021Download PDF
07/06/2021Download PDF
14/06/2021Download PDF
21/06/2021Download PDF
28/06/2021Download PDF
05/07/2021Download PDF
12/07/2021Download PDF
26/07/2021Download PDF
16/08/2021Download PDF
23/08/2021Download PDF
06/09/2021Download PDF
13/09/2021Download PDF
20/09/2021Download PDF
04/10/2021Download PDF
11/10/2021Download PDF
18/10/2021Download PDF
25/10/2021Download PDF
08/11/2021Download PDF
15/11/2021Download PDF
22/11/2021Download PDF
29/11/2021Download PDF
06/12/2021Download PDF
20/12/2021Download PDF

Minutes 2020

08/05/2020Download PDF
22/05/2020Download PDF
29/05/2020Download PDF
05/06/2020Download PDF
12/06/2020Download PDF
19/06/2020Download PDF
26/06/2020Download PDF
03/07/2020Download PDF
13/07/2020Download PDF
27/07/2020Download PDF
10/08/2020Download PDF
24/08/2020Download PDF
07/09/2020Download PDF
23/09/2020Download PDF
30/08/2020Download PDF
07/10/2020Download PDF
21/10/2020Download PDF
26/10/2020Download PDF
09/11/2020Download PDF
16/11/2020Download PDF
23/11/2020Download PDF
30/11/2020Download PDF
07/12/2020Download PDF
14/12/2020Download PDF